12 Steps to Build or
Remodel Your Home

  • Establish budget
  • Identify features and components desired in the home
  • Start an exterior and interior design idea book and decide on the basic architectural style
  • Create the first draft of the budget
  • Begin a New Business / Old Business weekly communication with client and a weekly meeting
  • Begin design process at 1/8” scale drawings
  • Refine the budget to reflect the new architectural drawings
  • After all modifications are agreed to, start the final 1/4” scale drawings
  • Secure bids for major areas of construction and redefine costs and allowances in budget
  • Assist in setting up construction financing
  • Set up construction schedule from start to completion date
  • Start construction and begin monthly loan draws and budget tracking


About Landmark Homes

David Marshall describes his company’s roots, history,
compassion and mission as follows:


I started Landmark homes to fulfill my passion to design and build fine custom homes. My roots, family heritage and mission are all about and surrounded with building, engineering and design. My father especially was a major influence on my building and design career. He owned his own engineering company and I grew up watching him achieve amazing major engineering, design and building projects. He taught me that there is always a way to accomplish even great design and building projects if you are motivated to succeed at it and apply yourself. And his biggest lesson of all was that there is only one way to do what you undertake and that is to do it the right way in every aspect. The right way to him included a marriage of the functional, structural and aesthetic design and doing that all with integrity, business fairness and prosperity to all involved.

My uncles and extended family consisted of not only engineers, but also architects, residential builders and commercial builders. One grandfather was a mason-stone carver who created majestic monuments and architectural stone carvings while the other owned and ran his own lumber mill. All this exposure to engineering, design and building rubbed off on me in a big way. At a young age just out of college I found that my areas of driving interests involved designing, creating and building a home to call my own. I was just starting a family and a place to call home was an important goal for me. I wanted to create and build a home incorporating all my ideas.

Before long I had built one home after another for myself and then other customers wanted me to design and build for them. I first started with a passion for english tudor and english cottage architectural styles. To me, there was noting else that screamed out the comfort and elegant statements that these styles of design encompassed. It was kind of like Hansel and Gretel stumbled onto a beautiful homey cottage in the woods and then found an intriguing elegant mansion over the next hill. Both of these styles of homes looked like an inviting place to call home and I was highly motivated to build them.

Over time I became enthralled with all styles of design and architecture. They all fit someone’s deep emotional drives and needs to be their fulfilling living environment. It doesn’t matter if the design is french, east coast, classic Georgian, southwest or new sleek modern contemporary, they all fill a vision of a dream home.

This core emotional goal lead me to start a lifelong driving interest and carrier creating living environments for my customers. I thrive on helping people design and build the home they desire. It is the very foundation of my business success. When I look back at the photographs of all that my clients and I have created together, I am blessed and fulfilled with accomplishment and memories. Each day is a new adventure in the art of design and fine home building.

“Design and Building is My Core Mission!”

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