Design & Interiors


Landmark helps clients get started with guidance to define the core exterior and interior style and features that they desire. The next step is the development of floor plans which is all about functionality mixed with the owner’s lifestyle and personal preferences. Budget, of course, is always at center stage. This is where an experienced design build team can help fit the goals and desires into the budget. Every square foot costs a certain amount, so efficiency in design becomes important. There is always a juggling match between practical and aesthetic design, mixed with luxury and dramatic design aspects. This is ultimately controlled by the budget and this is where an experienced and knowledgeable builder needs to be involved in the overall equation. If clients don’t already have outside design professionals involved, then Landmark will set up a design team for the owner. Landmark has worked in this team approach with many of the area’s leading designers, architects and interior designers. our philosophy is that the clients and the design team all pitch in on the decisions and enjoy the process.

Many customers that we designed and built homes for many years ago have returned to us to build new homes for them again in order to fulfill their needs for larger, smaller, different style homes, or moving to new areas of the city. When it comes to remodeling, restoring or repairing their existing homes, we are honored to continue to provide the trust and services they need.

Landmark assures the ultimate in a custom home through its unparalleled vision, experience, passion and detection to the integrity, details and craftsmanship of fine home design and building.

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