Masonry and Stone Repairs & Replacement


Masonry and stone are typically elements of finer home building. The masonry expertise and selection of materials used becomes very important to the aesthetic appearance, structural integrity and durability of each project.

Landmark has expertise and experience in finding, selecting, and supplying masonry and stone components and installation. These include specialty and unique carved architectural stone components such as crown, cove, window copping quoin corners, block, stone and thin veneers to mention a few.

Whether your needs are new conduction, remodel, renovation or repair. Landmark can handle the job.

David Marshall, founder of landmark Homes, relates that stone and masonry has always been the hallmark of luxury and a strong historical statement in design and building. He has a deep infatuation with all things stone and masonry related and have used it extensively in our design and building projects. Dave instilled this passion in his older son Eric Marshall. Eric has consequently become a national and even internationally known and respected stone supplier importer, fabrication and installation specialist and owns and runs Landmark Stone International. The company designs and supplies all types of stone products to residential and commercial projects.

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