Renovation & Damage Repairs


Landmark has helped many clients with renovation and damage repair to their existing homes. As Dave Marshall recounts “my business is based on trusted relationships with my customers who have had me build their homes, there is no one better to have than an experienced builder who understands all the elements and factors that are involved in building to do the repairs and restoration work. This type of specialty contracting has now evolved into a larger part of our business capacity. We help clients and insurance companies with resolution, repair or replacement of damaged homes, including windows, roofing, stucco, masonry and interiors. People trust us with their valued homes.”  

All components and systems in a home deteriorate over time. So naturally, the need to repair or replace these components or systems becomes a requirement. The heating and air conditioning components may need to be replaced and perhaps even redesigned or updated to more modern systems in the process. The windows  may have failing glass seals and weatherstripping causing drafts and leaking air.  Foundations and slabs may be shifting and cracking causing various problems. Landmark has the experience and expertise in all areas of construction so this gives our customers confidence in handling any problem. We bring in our trusted and experienced specialty contractors to help us get the work done wherever needed. Construction management becomes a key important element in assuring a successful resolution.

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