Roofing Replacement


There are typically three reasons that owners decide to re-roof their homes:

Hail Damage

Hail, depending on its size, density, velocity and quantity can damage all types of roofing material and metal flashings, and gutters.

Age Deterioration

Colorado is one of the the harshest climates which accelerates how roofing materials deteriorate. Colorado has tremendous UV exposure due to our high altitude and number of sunny days. Colorado also has a high degree of freeze – thaw cycles which further deteriorate roofing materials.

Update or Change the Appearance & Aesthetic Appeal

Roofing materials degenerate and fade in appearance over time. Design styles and preferences for different colors or materials also influence home owners decisions to change the roof material on their home.

Landmark has extensive expertise and experience with all areas of roofing and materials. Because our roots are in home design and construction we have inherent knowledge of all the details and complexities of roofing application and materials. We have built hundreds of new homes with all types of roofing materials. We can handle any roof replacement work that owners need.

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