Stucco and EIFS System Exterior Repair & Replacement


Stucco has become a popular and desirable form of siding compared to wood or composite materials. It is more maintenance free and durable than other types of siding. It is less expensive than brick or stone exteriors. Traditional or standard stucco is called a hard coat cementacious system. A new form of stucco application called EIFS (Exterior Insulated Foam System) has become more popular as well.

Stucco and EFIS does deteriorate over time or can crack and peel in certain circumstances. If short cuts in material and installation procedures were employed then life expectancy is effected. Repairs or even removal and replacement is sometimes required. Remodeling and window replacement can also create the need to add or redo stucco areas to match the original stucco. Many times this involves the necessity to re-stucco the entire wall section to achieve an even texture and color for overall appearance.

Landmark has extensive experience with all forms of stucco including EIFS.

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